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Josué, the tenor voice behind this musical revelation, is the driving force and visionary artist of this project. Backed by a team of dedicated professionals and key players in the media industry, the album has garnered attention from respected figures such as Gilles Peterson, BBC 6Music, and Jazz FM.

EROL JOSUÉ Biography

Erol Josué is a towering figure in Haitian Vodou, renowned for his profound expertise and unwavering dedication to preserving the sacred traditions of his homeland. His illustrious journey spanning decades is a testament to his exceptional insight and expertise in illuminating the essence of Vodou with unparalleled clarity and finesse, making him a luminary in the field.

As a Houngan or Vodou priest, Josué’s narratives are intricately woven with the fabric of the Vodou ritual, presenting ideas with a rare blend of tradition and innovation. He invites audiences into a realm where spirituality finds expression through artistry, forging an unbreakable bond between ancient wisdom and modern expression.

Josué’s artistic prowess extends far beyond his religious duties, with his performances as a singer, dancer, and playwright captivating audiences with the mesmerizing rhythms of Haitian sacred songs and the vibrant fabric of Creole folk. His latest masterpiece, “Pèlerinaj” (Pilgrimage), is a musical odyssey that transcends boundaries, blending contemporary jazz, electronic, and improvisation into a kaleidoscopic symphony of sound. Josué invites listeners on a transformative journey through this groundbreaking work, where ancient wisdom merges seamlessly with modern expression, echoing the eternal rhythms of Haiti’s vibrant cultural landscape.

Josué is a tireless advocate for the principles of Vodou, championing ideals of community, tolerance, and collective empowerment. His belief in the transformative power of shared knowledge and understanding is evident from his commitment to education and cultural exchange. As the esteemed General Director of Haiti’s National Bureau of Ethnology, his exceptional leadership has been instrumental in preserving the sacred traditions of his homeland.

Erol Josué embodies the essence of Haitian cultural expression, weaving a fabric of tradition and innovation that resonates with a nation’s soul. As a cultural hero and custodian of Vodou’s rich heritage, his legacy shines brightly, inspiring generations to embrace the beauty and complexity of Haiti’s spiritual and artistic traditions.

Erol Josué, a luminary in Haitian Vodou, is globally revered for his expertise and dedication to preserving his homeland’s sacred traditions. From his teenage ordination as a Houngan to his role as General Director of Haiti’s National Bureau of Ethnology, Josué’s journey is rich with wisdom. His performances blend personal narratives with Vodou rituals, merging tradition with innovation. As a singer, dancer, and playwright, he captivates audiences with authentic performances rooted in Haitian culture. His latest album, “Pèlerinaj” (Pilgrimage), fuses jazz, roots pop, electronica, and Haitian spiritual, offering a transformative experience that echoes Haiti’s cultural landscape.

EROL JOSUÉ - Press Reviews

Josué, an artist hailed as “one of the most intriguing artists of our time” by Resonance FM, brings forth a mesmerizing album that transcends genres and captivates audiences with its unique blend of tradition and innovation. Rooted in Haiti’s rich musical traditions, the album takes listeners on a journey of reconstruction and spiritual rebirth, featuring impassioned vocal performances and sacred chants.

  • Josué: The artist and visionary behind the album, contributing a stately and striking tenor voice.
  • Gilles Peterson (BBC 6Music): A key supporter, praising the brilliance of the artist and featuring tracks like ‘Ezruli’ on his show.
  • Sarah Ward (Jazz FM): Describes the album as a “mesmerizing voice on a powerful story.”
  • Morning Star: Awards the album a stellar 5-star review in their July issue.
  • The Observer: Commends the album’s majesty and fully absorbing set, highlighting the moving call for peace and spiritual rebirth.
  • The Arts Desk: Confirms a review, emphasizing the rich and varied music embedded with sacred chants and rhythms.

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EROL JOSUÉ Live Performances

Additional Tech Needs

For Erol:

  1. wireless microphone and stand
  2. free standing microphone

For Additional Band Members


  1. 20” bass drum.
  2. 12” rack tom
  3. 16” floor
  4. Hihat stand
  5. Snare drum stand
  6. 4 cymbal stands
  7. 1 Bassdrum pedal
  8. 1 Drum throne
  9. 12” rack tom
  10. 12” rack tom
  11. 12” rack tom

For guitar backline:

Fender Deluxe Reverb amp or Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Monitor for band mix on stage






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